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RadAsyncUpload vs RadUpload

This help article describes the differences between RadAsyncUpload and RadUpload controls.


RadAsyncUpload RadUpload for ASP.NET AJAX
Uploads the file(s) automatically and asynchronously to a temporary folder.The files will be copied to the TargetFolder on postback. Uploads the files during postback.
Can be updated with UpdatePanel / RadAjaxPanel / RadAjaxManager Cannot be updated with UpdatePanel / RadAjaxPanel / RadAjaxManager . Files cannot be uploaded during AJAX updates.
Requires registration of an HTTP handler - Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd The same handler is registered by RadScriptManager / RadStyleSheetManager Does not require handler registration to upload files.
Progress monitoring is done in real time when the Flash module is in use. Otherwise progress polling is used (through RadProgressManager ). Progress monitoring through RadProgressManager only.
Integrated visual clue of the current operations - uploading, upload successfully completed, upload failed. Current operation can be monitored only through RadProgressArea
Client side events for upload completed and upload failed No client events for upload completed or failed
Extension and size validation are done on the client You need a page postback to validate the file
Requires anonymous access to the Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd handler Can upload files with disabled anonymous access
:New Event: FileUploaded
Removed Events: Validating, FileExists
New Properties: TemporaryFolder, TemporaryFileExpiration
Removed Properties: InvalidFiles, TargetPhysicalFolder, ReadOnlyInputs
New Events: OnClientFileUploading, OnClientFileUploaded, OnClientFileUploadFailed, OnClientValidationFailed, OnClientUploadProgress, OnClientFileUploadRemoved, OnClientFileUploadRemoving
Removed Event: OnClientClearing, OnClientDeleting

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