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RadAsyncUpload File Filtering


File filtering functionality of RadAsyncUpload works only with browsers that run Flash or Silverlight Upload modules. File filtering is not available for:

  • Internet explorer when RadAsyncUpload is utilizing its IFrame module (when neither Flash nor Silverlight are installed).
  • All modern browsers (FireFox 3.6 or grater, Google Chrome, Safari 5 and above, Edge and Internet explorer 10 and above), as in them RadAsyncUpload uses File API Upload module;

To set file filtering on modern browsers, the accept attribute of the input type="file" should be set:

function pageLoad() {
    $telerik.$('.ruFileInput').attr('accept', 'image/*');

File filtering

As of Q1 2011, RadAsyncUpload supports file filtering. A file filter is an object with two properties: Description and Extensions. The Extensions property accepts a comma separated list of extensions upon whichthe select file dialog should be filtered. The Description property, as its name suggests, describes the extensions set.

<telerik:RadAsyncUpload RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadAsyncUpload1">
        <telerik:FileFilter Description="Images(jpeg;jpg;gif)" Extensions="jpeg,jpg,gif" />

This setup will produce the following result:

When using Silverlight as Upload module:

Silverlight module

When using Flash as Upload module:

Flash module

You can apply as many filters as you want. Then, the user can choose among different filters via the Files of type combo box.

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