Redirecting to Another Page

Telerik RadAjax supports two kinds of redirection:

  • Response.Redirect() - The standard ASP.NET means of redirection.

  • Generating JavaScript that sets window.location.href .

Currently there is a security issue that prevents Response.Redirect with AJAX from working in Windows Server 2008. IIS 7 simply does not allow catching the Application events. You should be able to use the RadAjaxManager.Redirect method instead.

Redirecting on the Client (JavaScript window.location.href)

RadAjaxManager and RadAjaxPanel also support the Redirect() method, which in essence adds short JavaScript code to be evaluated after the AJAX request. The JavaScript code uses the window.location.href property to navigate to a new URL.

Example 1: Using RadAjaxManager and RadAjaxPanel Redirect()



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