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Forcing a Postback

If you want to perform a single postback instead of an AJAX request, arguments.EnableAjax should be false .

In the code-behind:

if (!RadAjaxPanel1.EnableAJAX)
         RadAjaxPanel1.ClientEvents.OnRequestStart = "OnRequestStart";

 If Not RadAjaxPanel1.EnableAJAX Then
        RadAjaxPanel1.ClientEvents.OnRequestStart = "OnRequestStart"
End If

On the client:

function OnRequestStart(sender, args) {

This approach is useful only when you want to perform a single postback. If you want to disable AJAX because of unsupported browsers or old versions of supported ones, we suggest you to do this on the server:

RadAjaxPanel1.EnableAJAX = Page.Request.Browser.SupportsXmlHttp;

RadAjaxPanel1.EnableAJAX = Page.Request.Browser.SupportsXmlHttp

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