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The AjaxSettingCreating event occurs just before an AjaxSetting is added to the RadAjaxManager AjaxSettings collection. The event can be triggered by the AjaxSettings configured at design time, as they are about to be instantiated, or at run-time in response to AddAjaxSetting(). The event can be cancelled.

The AjaxSettingCreating event handler receives two arguments:

  1. The RadAjaxManager control that owns the AjaxSettings collection that the setting is being added to. This argument is of type object, but can be cast to the RadAjaxManager type.

  2. An AjaxSettingCreatingEventArgs object with the following properties:

  • Canceled : This boolean property can be set true to abandon creating the AjaxSetting and will prevent the OnAjaxSettingCreated event from firing.

  • Initiator : A reference to the object that triggered the AJAX request.

  • Updated : A reference to the object that will be updated by the AJAX request.

  • UpdatePanel : A reference to the underlying MS AJAX UpdatePanel.


protected void RadAjaxManager1_AjaxSettingCreating(object sender, AjaxSettingCreatingEventArgs e)
    e.Canceled = (e.Initiator == Button1) & (e.Updated == Label1);

Protected Sub RadAjaxManager1_AjaxSettingCreating(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As AjaxSettingCreatingEventArgs)
    e.Canceled = IIf((e.Initiator Is Button1) And (e.Updated Is Label1), True, False)
End Sub
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