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A control allowing the ability to combine multiple embedded stylesheet references into a larger one as a way to reduce the number of files the client must download

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • System.Web.UI.Control
  • Telerik.Web.UI.RadStyleSheetManager


CdnSettings StyleSheetCdnSettings

Gets the CDN settings.

EnableHandlerDetection Boolean

Gets or sets a value indicating if RadStyleSheetManager should check the Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource handler existence in the application configuration file.


When EnableHandlerDetection set to true, RadStyleSheetManager automatically checks if the HttpHandler it uses is registered to the application configuration file and throws an exception if the HttpHandler registration missing. Set this property to false if your scenario uses a file to output the combined skins, or when running in Medium trust.

EnableSelectorLimitCheck Boolean

Specifies whether or not to check the selectors' count in the stylesheet when the request is in IE8. The browser limit is 4095 selectors per stylesheet.


If the count exceeds the number of 4095 the stylesheet is not loaded.

EnableStyleSheetCombine Boolean

Specifies whether or not multiple embedded stylesheet references should be combined into a single file


When EnableStyleSheetCombine set to true, the stylesheet references of the controls on the page are combined to a single file, so that only one tag is output to the page HTML

HttpHandlerUrl String

Specifies the URL of the HTTPHandler that combines and serves the stylesheets.


The HTTPHandler should either be registered in the application configuration file, or a file with the specified name should exist at the location, which HttpHandlerUrl points to.

                   If a file is to serve the files, it should inherit the class Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource

OutputCompression OutputCompression

Specifies whether or not the combined output will be compressed.


In some cases the browsers do not recognize compressed streams (e.g. if IE 6 lacks an update installed). In some cases the Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource handler cannot determine if to compress the stream. Set this property to Disabled if you encounter that problem.The OutputCompression property works only when EnableStyleSheetCombine is set to true.

RenderMode RenderMode

Specifies the rendering mode of the control.

ResolvedRenderMode RenderMode

Returns resolved RenderMode should the original value was Auto

SplitStyleSheetsFolder StyleSheetReferenceCollection

Specifies where the split CSS should be placed in case the request is under IE9 or IE8

StyleSheets StyleSheetReferenceCollection

Gets the style sheets.

StyleSheetsForSplitting StyleSheetReferenceCollection

Gets the style sheets for splitting under IE8,9.



This method puts all RadControls style sheets in the following order in the StyleSheets collection of RadStyleSheeManager: 1) first are all style sheets from the Telerik.Web.UI assembly; 2) second are all style sheets from the Telerik.Web.UI.Skins assembly;

         The style sheets were divided when registered through the RegisterSkinnableControl method.




Gets the current.


page System.Web.UI.Page

The page.




Registers the skinnable control.


control Telerik.Web.ISkinnableControl

The control.



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