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RadLightBox control. See the Overviewtopic for more information.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • System.Web.UI.Control
  • System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl
  • System.Web.UI.WebControls.BaseDataBoundControl
  • System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataBoundControl
  • Telerik.Web.UI.RadDataBoundControl : IControl, IControlResolver, IFeatureGroup, IPostBackDataHandler, IScriptControl, ISkinnableControl
  • Telerik.Web.UI.RadLightBox : INamingContainer, IPostBackEventHandler


AppendDataBoundItems RadLightBoxItemCollection

Gets/sets a value that indicates whether list items are cleared before databinding

ClientDataSourceID String

Gets or sets ID of ClientDataSource control that is used for client side binding

ClientIDMode ClientIDMode

This property is overridden in order to support controls which implement INamingContainer. The default value is changed to "AutoID".

ClientSettings LightBoxClientSettings

RadLightBox Client Settings

CssClassFormatString String

The CssClass property will now be used instead of the former Skin and will be modified in AddAttributesToRender()

Culture CultureInfo

Gets or sets the selected culture. Localization strings will be loaded based on this value.

CurrentItemIndex RadLightBoxItem

Gets/sets the current item index

DataDescriptionField String

The field in the data source which provides the description text.

DataImageUrlField String

The field in the data source which provides the ImageUrl.

DataImageUrlFormatString String

This property enables setting a default path for the images when binding

DataNavigateUrlField String

The field in the data source which provides the NavigateUrl.

DataTargetControlIDField String

The field in the data source which provides the target control's ID.

DataTitleField String

The field in the data source which provides the title text.

DescriptionPosition LightBoxDescriptionPosition

Determines the position of the RadLightBox title/description

EnableAjaxSkinRendering String

Gets or sets the value, indicating whether to render the skin CSS files during Ajax requests


If EnableAjaxSkinRendering is set to false you will have to register the needed control base CSS file by hand when adding/showing the control with Ajax.

EnableAriaSupport Boolean

Determines if the control will have WAI-ARIA support enabled

EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet Boolean

Gets or sets the value, indicating whether to render the link to the embedded base stylesheet of the control or not.


If EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet is set to false you will have to register the needed control base CSS file by hand.

EnableEmbeddedScripts Boolean

Gets or sets the value, indicating whether to render script references to the embedded scripts or not.


If EnableEmbeddedScripts is set to false you will have to register the needed Scripts files by hand.

EnableEmbeddedSkins String

Gets or sets the value, indicating whether to render links to the embedded skins or not.


If EnableEmbeddedSkins is set to false you will have to register the needed CSS files by hand.

EnableGlowEffect Boolean

Enables or disables the "glow" effect around the control

EnableRippleEffect Boolean

Returns true if ripple effect should be added

IsSkinSet String

For internal use.

Items RadLightBoxItemCollection

RadLightBox Items Collection

ItemsCount RadLightBoxItemCollection

Returns the items count

ItemsCounterFormatString RadLightBoxItemCollection

Gets/sets the items counter format string. The first parameter is the item index and the second is the total number of items. The second parameter is optional.

LightBoxDescriptionContainer PlaceHolder

The container that holds the description

LightBoxItemContainer PlaceHolder

The container that holds the main content

LightBoxTitleContainer PlaceHolder

The container that holds the title

LocalizationPath LightBoxStrings

Gets or sets a value indicating where RadLightBox will look for its .resx localization file. By default this file should be in the App_GlobalResources folder. However, if you cannot put the resource file in the default location or .resx files compilation is disabled for some reason (e.g. in a DotNetNuke environment), this property should be set to the location of the resource file.


If specified, the LocalizationPath property will allow you to load the grid localization file from any location in the web application.

LoopItems RadLightBoxItemCollection

If enabled, this will loop the items when the last/first one is reached

Determines whether the RadLightBox is modal

ODataDataSourceID String

Gets or sets the ODataDataSource used for data binding.

PreserveCurrentItemTemplates RadLightBoxItem

If set to true, this will prevent disposing of the current item's templates which will avoid the postback when only one template item is available in the items collection and the lightbox is closed and then re-opened. Disabled by default.


See the RadLightBox Templates article for more detail:

RegisterWithScriptManager Boolean

Gets or sets the value, indicating whether to register with the ScriptManager control on the page.


If RegisterWithScriptManager is set to false the control can be rendered on the page using Web Services or normal callback requests/page methods.

RenderMode RenderMode

Specifies the rendering mode of the control. Setting the mode to Lightweight will yield HTML 5/CSS 3 html and css. If the set value is Auto use ResolvedRenderMode to receive the actual RenderMode with respect to the user angent of the current request.


Lightweight rendering mode might change the outlook of the component in some older browsers that don't support CSS3/HTML5.

ResolvedRenderMode RenderMode

Returns resolved RenderMode should the original value was Auto

RuntimeSkin String

Gets the real skin name for the control user interface. If Skin is not set, returns "Default", otherwise returns Skin.

ShowCloseButton Boolean

Determines whether the Close button will be visible

ShowLoadingPanel RadAjaxLoadingPanel

Determines whether the RadLightBox will display loading panel

ShowMaximizeButton Boolean

Determines whether the Maximize button will be visible

ShowNextButton Button

Determines whether the Next button will be visible

ShowPrevButton Button

Determines whether the Prev button will be visible

ShowRestoreButton Boolean

Determines whether the Restore button will be visible

Skin String

Gets or sets the skin name for the control user interface.


If this property is not set, the control will render using the skin named "Default". If EnableEmbeddedSkins is set to false, the control will not render skin.

TabIndex Int16

Gets or sets the tab index of the RadLightBox control. Setting this to 0 will prevent the normal operation of the keyboard navigation.

ZIndex Int32

Gets or sets the z-index of the LightBox popup



Use this from RenderContents of the inheritor




Code moved into this method from OnPreRender to make sure it executed when the framework skips OnPreRender() for some reason




Should be used by inheritors




Returns the names of all embedded skins. Used by Telerik.Web.Examples.




Loads the client state data


clientState System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary{System.String,System.Object}




Executed when post data is loaded from the request


postDataKey System.String

postCollection System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection




Raises event


e Telerik.Web.UI.LightBoxCommandEventArgs




Executed when post data changes should invoke a changed event




Registers the CSS references




Registers the control with the ScriptManager




Saves the client state data



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