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Represents the UI component rendered by Telerik.Web.UI.RadFilter to represent a group of filter expressions..

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • System.Web.UI.Control
  • Telerik.Web.UI.RadFilterExpressionItem : INamingContainer
  • Telerik.Web.UI.RadFilterGroupExpressionItem


AddExpressionButton RadFilterGroupExpression

Gets the control which adds a new to the expression items tree.

AddGroupExpressionButton RadFilterGroupExpression

Gets the control which adds a new to the expression items tree.

ChildItems RadFilterItemsCollection

Gets a collection of the RadFilterExpressionItem objects belonging to the current group.

ClientID String

Gets a string value representing the client id of the filter expression item control.

Expression RadFilterGroupExpression

Gets the RadFilterGroupExpression that the current item represents.

ExpressionContainer RadFilterGroupExpression

Gets a reference to the UI component that holds the filter expression items in the rendered RadFilter..

FunctionalInterfaceContainer Panel

Gets the container holding the menu links - the GroupOperation(for ), FilterFunction and the editor FieldName.

Gets the control which chooses the item expression GroupOperation value.

HierarchicalIndex String

Gets the string representation of the hierarchical position of the item in the RadFilter visual structure.

IsRootGroup Boolean

Gets a boolean value indicating whether the current Control represents a root group expression.

ItemIndex Int32

Gets the integer index of the filter expression item.

OwnerFilter RadFilter

Returns a reference to the owner object.

OwnerGroup RadFilterGroupExpressionItem

Gets the owner .

RemoveButton LinkButton

Gets the remove button which removes an expression from the expression tree.

ToolsInterfaceContainer Panel

Gets the container holding item specific controls. An input control for the and AddGroupExpression, AddItemExpression for the .



Adds a RadFilterExpressionItem to the ChildItems collection of the current group expression.


item Telerik.Web.UI.RadFilterExpressionItem

A RadFilterExpressionItem to add to the ChildItems collection.




Initializes the filter expression item.



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