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Base class for the MediaPlayerFile object. Used for the elements in the RadMediaPlayer Playlist.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.UI.MediaPlayerFile : IStateManager


AutoPlay Boolean

Gets or sets a flag that indicates if the media file will start playing on load

FileType String

Gets the type (MediaPlayerVideo/MediaPlayerAudio) of the current file

OwnerMediaPlayer RadMediaPlayer

Gets a reference to the owner media player control

Path String

Gets or Sets the Path of the Media Files

Poster String

Gets/sets the path to the poster for the media

Sources MediaPlayerSourcesCollection

Gets a collection of MediaPlayerSource objects.

StartTime Double

Gets or sets the start time for the media player

StartVolume Int32

Gets or Sets the start volume of the Media Files

SubtitlesPath String

Gets or Sets the Path of the Subtitles Files

Title String

Gets or Sets the Title of the Media Files

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