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The configuration of the map layers. The layer type is determined by the value of the type field.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.StateManager : IMarkableStateManager, IStateManager
  • Telerik.Web.UI.MapLayer


Attribution String

The attribution for the layer. Accepts valid HTML.

ClientDataSourceID String

The ID of RadClientDataSource control to which the layer will be data bound.

Culture String

The culture to be used for the bing map tiles.

ExtentSettings Extent

Specifies the extent of the region covered by this layer. The layer will be hidden when the specified area is out of view.Accepts a four-element array that specifies the extent covered by this layer: North-West lat, longitude, South-East latitude, longitude.If not specified, the layer is always visible.

ImagerySet String

The bing map tile types. Possible options:

Key String

The API key for the layer. Currently supported only for Bing (tm) tile layers.

LocationField String

The data item field which contains the marker (symbol) location. The field should be an array with two numbers - latitude and longitude in decimal degrees.Requires the dataSource option to be set.Only applicable to "marker" and "bubble" layers.

MaxSize Double

The maximum symbol size for bubble layer symbols.

MaxZoom Double

The maximum zoom level at which to show this layer.

MinSize Double

The minimum symbol size for bubble layer symbols.

MinZoom Double

The minimum zoom level at which to show this layer.

Opacity Double

The the opacity for the layer.

Shape String

The default marker shape for data-bound markers. The following pre-defined marker shapes are available:Marker shapes are implemented as CSS classes on the marker element (span.k-marker). For example "pinTarget" is rendered as "k-marker-pin-target".

StyleSettings Style

The default style for shapes.

Subdomains String[]

A list of subdomains to use for loading tiles. Alternating between different subdomains allows more requests to be executed in parallel.

Symbol String

The symbol to use for bubble layers. Possible values: circle, square

TileSize Double

The size of the image tile in pixels.

TitleField String

The data item field which contains the marker title. Requires the dataSource option to be set.

TooltipSettings Tooltip

The default Kendo UI Tooltip options for data-bound markers.

Type LayerType

The layer type. Supported types are "tile" and "shape".

UrlTemplate String

The URL template for tile layers. Template variables:

ValueField String

The value field for bubble layer symbols. The data item field should be a number.

ZIndex Double

The zIndex for this layer.Layers are normally stacked in declaration order (last one is on top).

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