Telerik.Web.UI.RadDataPager Telerik.Web.UI.RadDataPagerField which contains Telerik.Web.UI.RadComboBox control in order to change the PageSize property of Telerik.Web.UI.RadDataPager Telerik.Web.UI.RadComboBox

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.StateManager : IMarkableStateManager, IStateManager
  • Telerik.Web.UI.RadDataPagerField
  • Telerik.Web.UI.RadDataPagerPageSizeField : IDisposable


HiddenLg Boolean

Hidden attribute - Large

HiddenMd Boolean

Hidden attribute - Medium

HiddenSm Boolean

Hidden attribute - Small

HiddenXl Boolean

Hidden attribute - Extra Large

HiddenXs Boolean

Hidden attribute - Extra Small

HorizontalPosition PagerFieldHorizontalPosition

Gets or sets the positioning of the pager field with regard to its CSS float style.

HorizontalPositionLg PagerFieldHorizontalPosition

Horizontal Position attribute - Large

HorizontalPositionMd PagerFieldHorizontalPosition

Horizontal Position attribute - Medium

HorizontalPositionSm PagerFieldHorizontalPosition

Horizontal Position attribute - Small

HorizontalPositionXl PagerFieldHorizontalPosition

Horizontal Position attribute - Extra Large

HorizontalPositionXs PagerFieldHorizontalPosition

Horizontal Position attribute - Extra Small

Owner RadDataPager

Returns RadDataPager control that owns current pager field. This property is set by DataPagerFieldCollection and is read only.

PagerType String

Gets the string representation of the type-name of this instance. The value is used by RadDataPager to determine the type of the pager field persisted into the ViewState, when recreating the pager after postback. This property is read only.

PageSizeComboWidth Int32

Get/Set RadComboBox Width property in pixels. Default value is 50px.

PageSizeControlType PagerDropDownControlType

Gets or sets the type of the page size drop down control.

PageSizes Int32[]

Gets or sets comma or semicolon delimited list of page sizes values.

PageSizeText String

Get/Set the text of the label before RadComboBox

Visible Boolean

Gets or sets value that indicates whether RadDataPagerField is rendered.



After calling this method DataPagerField controls will be created and added to Controls colleciton of the passed DataPagerFieldItem


inItem Telerik.Web.UI.RadDataPagerFieldItem

DataPagerFieldItem item where controls will be instanciated




Builds navigation url if SEO paging is enabled.


argument System.String

Argument that the link must be build for.


System.String Returns string representation of navigation url.


Returns a that represents the current .


System.String A that represents the current .

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