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Specialized class for the RadSiteMap.DefaultLevelSettings.
Removes the Level property from the property grid and IntelliSense.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.StateManager : IMarkableStateManager, IStateManager
  • Telerik.Web.UI.SiteMapLevelSetting
  • Telerik.Web.UI.DefaultSiteMapLevelSetting


ImageUrl String

Gets or sets the URL to an image which is displayed next to all the nodes of a given level


Use the ImageUrl property to specify a custom image that will be
displayed before the text of the current node.

Layout SiteMapLayout

Gets or sets the layout mode that is applied to a given LevelSetting. By default is set to List

Level Int32

Not applicable to DefaultSiteMapLevelSetting

Level Int32

Gets or sets the level to which a given LevelSetting refer/

ListLayout SiteMapLayout

Gets the Specific settings for the List layout mode.

MaximumNodes Int32

Gets or sets the maximum nodes that are allowed for a given level.

NodeTemplate ITemplate

Gets or sets the template for displaying the nodes on the specified level.

SeparatorTemplate ITemplate

Gets or sets the separator template for nodes on the specified level.

SeparatorText String

Gets or sets the separator text that is going to be used to separate
nodes in Flow layout mode.

Width Unit

Gets or sets the width of the specified level.

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