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LINQ Support - Overview

Most applications are currently written on top of relational databases. At some point, these applications will have to interact with the data represented in a relational form. Database schemas are not always ideal for building applications, and the conceptual models of applications differ from the logical models of databases. The Telerik Data Access model is a conceptual model that can be used to model the data of a particular domain so that applications can interact with data as objects.

Through the model, Telerik Data Access exposes entities as objects in the .NET environment. This makes the object layer an ideal target for Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) support. Therefore Telerik Data Access includes LINQ to OpenAccessContext support. It enables developers to write queries against the database from the same language used to build the business logic.

This section provides conceptual information for programming with LINQ:

The following topics show how to query a model by using Language-Integrated Queries (LINQ):