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Working with Telerik® Data Access LINQ DataSource - Overview

The OpenAccessLinqDataSource control, resides in the Telerik.OpenAccess.Web.40 assembly, which is delivered to you by the Telerik.DataAccess.Web NuGet package. It supports data binding scenarios in Web Applications that consume Telerik Data Access and .NET version 4. The OpenAccessLinqDataSource control exposes LINQ to Web developers. LINQ provides a unified programming model for querying and updating data from different types of data sources. Besides configuring OpenAccessLinqDataSource to retrieve data from a specific table, you can use it to handle updating, inserting, and deleting data as well. The control does this without requiring you to write SQL Commands to perform these tasks. It can also filter, order, and group data.

The OpenAccessLinqDataSource class exposes an event model that enables you to handle customized scenarios.

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