Data Access has been discontinued. Please refer to this page for more information.

Convert From LINQ To SQL Wizard - Overview

This article is relevant to entity models that utilize the deprecated Visual Studio integration of Telerik Data Access. The current documentation of the Data Access framework is available here.

The LINQ to SQL Conversion Wizard allows you convert LINQ to SQL Data Model to Telerik Data Access Domain Model. This section provides detailed documentation of the primary features of the LINQ to SQL Conversion Wizard.

Starting the Wizard

To start the LINQ to SQL Conversion Wizard:

  1. Select the project that contain the Dbml file in Solution Explorer.
  2. From the Telerik menu, select Telerik Data Access and then Convert LINQ To SQL Model.

    The LINQ to SQL Conversion Wizard does not support conversion (cannot be started) of LINQ to SQL models hosted in Web Sites.

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