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Change Columns Width during PDF Exporting


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How can I change the width of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Grid columns when I export them to PDF?


The PDF Export appends a k-pdf-export class to all the elements and then removes it. That is why, you can target the colgroup > col setting and use CSS rules.

.k-pdf-export colgroup > col {
  width: 50px !important;        

.k-pdf-export td {
  white-space: nowrap;

You can also target specific columns by using the :nth-child() selector.

.k-pdf-export colgroup > col:nth-child(1),
.k-pdf-export colgroup > col:nth-child(4),
.k-pdf-export colgroup > col:nth-child(7)
    width: 150px !important;        

For a runnable example based on the code above, refer to the Telerik REPL project on changing column width during PDF exporting

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