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ActiveSheet - String

ColumnWidth - Nullable

Columns - Nullable

DefaultCellStyle - SpreadsheetDefaultCellStyleSettings

The background CSS color of the cell.

HeaderHeight - Nullable

HeaderWidth - Nullable

Excel - SpreadsheetExcelSettings

Specifies the file name of the exported Excel file.

Pdf - SpreadsheetPdfSettings

The area that will be exported.The supported values are: * workbook - Exports the full workbook, including all sheets. * sheet - Exports the active sheet. * selection - Exports the selected area on the active sheet.

RowHeight - Nullable

Rows - Nullable

Sheets - List

Sheetsbar - Nullable

UseCultureDecimals - Nullable

Toolbar - SpreadsheetToolbarSettings

A boolean or an array containing a collection of tools (strings) that will be shown in the Home tab. The following list indicates the available tools: bold, italic, underline, open, exportAs, cut, copy, paste, bold, italic, underline, backgroundColor, textColor borders, fontSize, fontFamily, alignment, textWrap, formatDecreaseDecimal, formatIncreaseDecimal, format, merge, freeze, filter.

UrlGenerator - IUrlGenerator

Images - Object

Initializer - IJavaScriptInitializer

Events - IDictionary

Name - String

Id - String

ModelMetadata - ModelMetadata

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

ViewContext - ViewContext

ViewData - ViewDataDictionary

IsSelfInitialized - Boolean

IsInClientTemplate - Boolean

HasDeferredInitialization - Boolean

Selector - String




writer - System.IO.TextWriter


Renders the component.




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