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The server side wrapper for Kendo UI Gantt


DataSource - DataSource

The number of available pages.

DataSourceId - String

DependenciesDataSource - DataSource

The number of available pages.

DependenciesDataSourceId - String

Columns - List

Assignments - GanttAssignmentsSettings

CurrentTimeMarker - GanttCurrentTimeMarkerSettings

Resources - GanttResourcesSettings

AutoBind - Nullable

ColumnResizeHandleWidth - Nullable

ColumnMenu - Nullable

Date - Nullable

Editable - GanttEditableSettings

If set to true the Gantt will display a confirmation dialog when the user deletes a task or a dependency.

Filterable - Nullable

Reorderable - Nullable

WorkDayStart - Nullable

WorkDayEnd - Nullable

WorkWeekStart - Nullable

WorkWeekEnd - Nullable

HourSpan - Nullable

Snap - Nullable

Height - Nullable

ListWidth - String

Messages - GanttMessagesSettings

The configuration of the Gantt action messages. Use this option to customize or localize the Gantt action messages.

Pdf - GanttPdfSettings

The author of the PDF document.

Range - GanttRangeSettings

If set to some date the timeline of all views will start from this date.

Resizable - Nullable

Selectable - Nullable

ShowPlannedTasks - Nullable

ShowWorkDays - Nullable

ShowWorkHours - Nullable

TaskTemplate - String

TaskTemplateId - String

TaskTemplateHandler - String

Toolbar - List

Tooltip - GanttTooltipSettings

The template which renders the tooltip.The fields which can be used in the template are: task - the gantt task, for which the template is shown.

Views - List

RowHeight - Nullable

Initializer - IJavaScriptInitializer

Events - IDictionary

Name - String

Id - String

ModelMetadata - ModelMetadata

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

ViewContext - ViewContext

ViewData - ViewDataDictionary

IsSelfInitialized - Boolean

IsInClientTemplate - Boolean

HasDeferredInitialization - Boolean

Selector - String




writer - System.IO.TextWriter


Renders the component.




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