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Tag Name Details
kendo-radiogroup-items RadioGroupItemsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
name String Sets the name of the component.
bind-to IList<IInputGroupItem> Defines an array of configuration objects to be rendered as radio button.
enabled Boolean Sets the enabled state of all radio buttons in the RadioGroup.
for ModelExpression An expression to be evaluated against the current model.
input-name String The name attribute to be used for the radio inputs. If omitted, the id of the wrapper element will be used.
label-position RadioGroupLabelPosition Specifies the label position according to its radio button for all items in the widget. Accepts "before" and "after".
layout RadioGroupLayout Specifies whether the radio buttons will be rendered one below the other ("vertical") or on the same line ("horizontal").
on-change String Fires when the selected radio input in the RadioGroup is changed through user interaction.
on-focus String Fires when a radio input in the RadioGroup is focused through user interaction.
on-select String Fires when a radio input is clicked to be selected through user interaction. If prevented, the clicked input will not be selected.
value String The selected (checked) radio button value. Will also be used as a RadioGroup widget value.
is-in-client-template Boolean When placing a Tag Helper within a Kendo Template, set the type to text/html and add the is-in-client-template="true" attribute.
deferred Boolean Suppress initialization script rendering. Note that this options should be used in conjunction with DeferredScripts method.
as-child-component Boolean
has-client-component Boolean
sanitize-id Boolean
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