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Tag Name Details
gauge-area RadialGaugeGaugeAreaSettingsTagHelper
radialgauge-pointers RadialGaugePointersTagHelper
scale RadialGaugeScaleSettingsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
name String Sets the name of the component.
render-as RenderingMode Sets the preferred rendering engine. If it is not supported by the browser, the Gauge will switch to the first available mode.The supported values are: "svg" - renders the widget as inline SVG document, if available or "canvas" - renders the widget as a Canvas element, if available..
theme String The gauge theme. This can be either a built-in theme or "sass". When set to "sass" the chart will read the variables from the Sass-based themes.The supported values are: "sass" - special value, see notes; "black"; "blueopal"; "bootstrap"; "default"; "highcontrast"; "metro"; "metroblack"; "moonlight"; "silver" or "uniform".
transitions Boolean A value indicating if transition animations should be played.
is-in-client-template Boolean When placing a Tag Helper within a Kendo Template, set the type to text/html and add the is-in-client-template="true" attribute.
deferred Boolean Suppress initialization script rendering. Note that this options should be used in conjunction with DeferredScripts method.
as-child-component Boolean
has-client-component Boolean
sanitize-id Boolean
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