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    <gantt-pdf-margin />


Tag Name Details
gantt-pdf-margin GanttPdfMarginSettingsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
author String The author of the PDF document.
auto-print Boolean Specifies if the Print dialog should be opened immediately after loading the document.
avoid-links Boolean A flag indicating whether to produce actual hyperlinks in the exported PDF file.It's also possible to pass a CSS selector as argument. All matching links will be ignored.
creator String The creator of the PDF document.
date DateTime The date when the PDF document is created. Defaults to new Date().
file-name String Specifies the file name of the exported PDF file.
force-proxy Boolean If set to true, the content will be forwarded to proxyURL even if the browser supports saving files locally.
jpeg-quality Double Specifies the quality of the images within the exported file, from 0 to 1.
keep-png Boolean If set to true all PNG images contained in the exported file will be kept in PNG format.
keywords String Specifies the keywords of the exported PDF file.
landscape Boolean Set to true to reverse the paper dimensions if needed such that width is the larger edge.
paper-size String Specifies the paper size of the PDF document. The default "auto" means paper size is determined by content.Supported values: A predefined size: "A4", "A3" etc; An array of two numbers specifying the width and height in points (1pt = 1/72in) or An array of two strings specifying the width and height in units. Supported units are "mm", "cm", "in" and "pt"..
proxy-target String A name or keyword indicating where to display the document returned from the proxy.If you want to display the document in a new window or iframe, the proxy should set the "Content-Disposition" header to inline; filename="<fileName.pdf>".
proxy-url String The URL of the server side proxy which will stream the file to the end user.A proxy will be used when the browser isn't capable of saving files locally. Such browsers are IE version 9 and lower and Safari.The developer is responsible for implementing the server-side proxy.The proxy will receive a POST request with the following parameters in the request body: contentType: The MIME type of the file; base64: The base-64 encoded file content or fileName: The file name, as requested by the caller.. The proxy should return the decoded file with set "Content-Disposition" header.
subject String Sets the subject of the PDF file.
title String Sets the title of the PDF file.
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