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    <create />
    <destroy />
    <read />
    <update />


Tag Name Details
create DataSourceTransportCreateSettingsTagHelper
destroy DatasourceTransportDestroySettingsTagHelper
read DatasourceTransportReadSettingsTagHelper
update DatasourceTransportUpdateSettingsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
cache Boolean Specifies the transport cache.
case-sensitive-filter Boolean
parameter-map String The function which converts the request parameters to a format suitable for the remote service. By default, the data source sends the parameters using jQuery's conventions.If a function is used together with parameterMap, do not forget to preserve the result from the data function that will be received in the parameterMap arguments. An example is provided below. Generally, the parameterMap function is designed to transform the request payload, not add new parameters to it.
submit String A function that will handle create, update and delete operations in a single batch when custom transport is used, i.e. the is defined as a function.The transport.create, transport.update and transport.delete operations will not be executed in this case.
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