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    <line />
    <major-grid-lines />
    <major-ticks />
    <minor-grid-lines />
    <minor-ticks />


Tag Name Details
chart-value-axis-item-title ChartValueAxisTitleSettingsTagHelper
crosshair ChartValueAxisCrosshairSettingsTagHelper
labels ChartValueAxisLabelsSettingsTagHelper
line ChartValueAxisLineSettingsTagHelper
major-grid-lines ChartValueAxisMajorGridLinesSettingsTagHelper
major-ticks ChartValueAxisMajorTicksSettingsTagHelper
minor-grid-lines ChartValueAxisMinorGridLinesSettingsTagHelper
minor-ticks ChartValueAxisMinorTicksSettingsTagHelper
notes ChartValueAxisNotesSettingsTagHelper
plot-bands ChartValueAxisPlotBandsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
name String The unique axis name. Used to associate a series with a value axis using the series.axis option.
axis-crossing-value Object[] Value at which the category axis crosses this axis. (Only for object)Value indices at which the category axes cross the value axis. (Only for array)Date at which the category axis crosses this axis. (Only for date)
background String The background color of the axis.
color String The color of the value axis. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.
major-unit Double The interval between major divisions. If the valueAxis.type is set to "log", the majorUnit value will be used for the base of the logarithm.
max Double The maximum value of the axis.
min Double The minimum value of the axis. Under certain conditions, the narrowRange setting can overwrite this setting. To give priority to the min setting of your choice, set valueAxis.narrowRange to false.
minor-unit Double The interval between minor divisions. It defaults to 1/5 of the valueAxis.majorUnit. If the valueAxis.type is set to "log", the minorUnit value represents the number of divisions between two major units and defaults to the major unit minus one.
narrow-range Boolean If set to true the Chart will narrow the value axis range in order to display data points in better detail. Setting it to false will force the automatic axis range to start from 0 or the explicitly specified valueAxis.min value.
pane String The name of the pane that the value axis should be rendered in. The axis will be rendered in the first (default) pane if not set.
reverse Boolean If set to true the value axis direction will be reversed. By default categories are listed from left to right and from bottom to top.
type String The axis type.The supported values are: "numeric" - numeric axis. or "log" - logarithmic axis..
visible Boolean If set to true the chart will display the value axis. By default the value axis is visible.
z-index Double An optional Z-index that can be used to change the default stacking position of the valueAxis.
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