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    <chart-series-defaults-notes-line />


Tag Name Details
chart-series-defaults-notes-icon ChartSeriesDefaultsNotesIconSettingsTagHelper
chart-series-defaults-notes-label ChartSeriesDefaultsNotesLabelSettingsTagHelper
chart-series-defaults-notes-line ChartSeriesDefaultsNotesLineSettingsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
visual String A function that can be used to create a custom visual for the notes. The available argument fields are: rect - the kendo.geometry.Rect that defines the note target rect.; options - the note options.; createVisual - a function that can be used to get the default visual.; category - the category of the note point.; dataItem - the dataItem of the note point.; value - the value of the note point.; sender - the chart instance.; series - the series of the note point. or text - the note text..
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