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Tag Helpers Overview

The Telerik UI Tag Helpers for ASP.NET Core enable you to configure the corresponding Kendo UI widgets.

Tag Helpers can be added and further configured through predefined strongly typed attributes and also allow you to handle the events of the widgets in ASP.NET Core projects.

Widgets vs. Helpers

The Kendo UI widgets:

The UI for ASP.NET Core helpers:

  • Allow you to create widgets with no HTML and JavaScript coding.
  • Provide for server-side data binding.
  • Allow you to use the ToDataSourceResult() extension method for binding Kendo UI widgets to server-side collections and for performing data operations (paging, sorting, filtering, and grouping).
  • Provide integration with some ASP.NET Core features such as security trimming.
  • Enable a simple implementation of CRUD operations.
  • Support Visual Studio IntelliSense for the server-side configuration syntax.
  • Enable Visual Studio Extensions for automatic creation of new Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core applications and for automatic updating of the Telerik UI version.
  • Enable you to use scaffolding to generate widget declarations and related controller action methods.

Adding Tag Helpers

To configure an ASP.NET Core project that enables you to use a Telerik UI tag helper, add the @addTagHelper directive to your cshtml file.

  @addTagHelper "*, Kendo.Mvc"

You can also globally add the directive in Views/_ViewImports.cshtml.

Configuring Tag Helpers

You can configure the Tag Helpers through the predefined strongly typed attributes which also provide IntelliSense. Complex and composite properties as well as nested configuration tags are not supported.

The following example demonstrates how to configure the NumericTextBox tag helper.

  <kendo-numerictextbox name="currency" format="c" min="0"
      enable="true" max="100" value="30">

Using Tag Helpers in ClientTemplates

Тhe .NET framework ignores any TagHelpers which are within script tags. In order to compile them correctly, when placing a TagHelper within a Kendo Template, set the type to text/html and add the is-in-client-template="true" attribute.

The following example demonstrates how to include Chart TagHelpers in the TileLayout TagHelper.

  <!-- container chart templates -->
  <script id="downloads-template" type="text/html">
      <kendo-chart name="downloads" is-in-client-template="true">
              <series-item type="ChartSeriesType.Line" data="new double[] { 56000, 63000, 74000, 91000, 117000, 138000 }">
  <script id="devices-template" type="text/html">
      <kendo-chart name="devices" is-in-client-template="true">
              <series-item type="ChartSeriesType.Donut" auto-fit="true" data='new dynamic[] {
                  new {category = "Asia",value = 30.8,color = "\\#006634"},
                  new {category = "Europe",value = 69.2,color = "\\#90cc38"}}'>
  <kendo-tilelayout name="tilelayout" columns="2" resizable="true" reorderable="true">
          <container body-template-id="downloads-template" col-span="1" row-span="1">
              <container-header text="Weekly Recap-Downloads" />
          <container body-template-id="devices-template" col-span="1" row-span="1">
              <container-header text="Devices" />

Handling Widget Events

All widget events are supported by the Tag Helpers. The event can only be set as a string literal that points to a JavaScript function handler. The event is set as an attribute preceded by the on- prefix.

The following example demonstrates how to set the change event of a NumericTextBox.

    <kendo-numerictextbox name="currency" on-change="changeEvent">

Known Issues

  • Tag Helpers might need to be disabled on pages where widgets render custom content—for example, the Button, Editor, Splitter, Tooltip, or Window. Some Tag Helpers, such as the href one, are processed automatically and result in invalid HTML.

    @removeTagHelper "*, Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Razor"
    @removeTagHelper "*, Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Razor"
  • The TagMode enum of the MultiSelect is now renamed to MultiSelectTagMode.

  • More known issues

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