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HTML Helpers Overview

The Telerik UI HTML Helpers for ASP.NET Core enable you to configure the corresponding Kendo UI widgets.

HTML Helpers can be added and further configured through predefined strongly typed attributes and also allow you to handle the events of the widgets in ASP.NET Core projects.

Widgets vs. Helpers

The Kendo UI widgets:

The UI for ASP.NET Core helpers:

  • Allow you to create widgets with no HTML and JavaScript coding.
  • Provide for server-side data binding and, in some cases, server-side rendering.
  • Allow you to use the ToDataSourceResult() extension method for binding Kendo UI widgets to server-side collections and for performing data operations (paging, sorting, filtering, and grouping).
  • Provide integration with some ASP.NET Core features such as security trimming and editor templates.
  • Support unobtrusive validation based on Data Annotation attributes.
  • Enable a simple implementation of CRUD operations.
  • Support Visual Studio IntelliSense for the server-side configuration syntax.
  • Enable Visual Studio Extensions for automatic creation of new Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core applications and for automatic updating of the Telerik UI version.
  • Enable you to use scaffolding to generate widget declarations and related controller action methods.

Known Issues

  • Currently, Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core does not support localization resources. For more information and discussion on this issue, refer to dotnet/coreclr#2007 and aspnet/Home/issues/1124.
  • The current set of helpers is limited and next releases will add more helpers.
  • Deferred() can be invoked only as a last setting.

          /* Other configuration. */

Grid Specifics

The Grid does not support server-side rendering. The toolbar template, column header template, and column template are no longer rendered on the server.

Chart Specifics

Previous Enum Now
ChartAreaStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartAreaMissingValues ChartSeriesMissingValues
ChartBarGradient ChartSeriesGradient
ChartBarLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartFunnelLabelsAlign ChartSeriesLabelsAlign
ChartFunnelLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartLineMissingValues ChartSeriesMissingValues
ChartLineStyle ChartSeriesStyle
ChartPieLabelsAlign ChartSeriesLabelsAlign
ChartPieLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartPointLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartPolarAreaStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartPolarLineStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartRadarAreaStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartRadarLineStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartRangeAreaLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartScatterLineMissingValues ChartSeriesMissingValues
ChartScatterLineStyle ChartSeriesStyle

Editor Specifics

The Thumbnails view of the ImageBrowser is not supported because the System.Drawing namespace is not part of ASP.NET Core. However, you can process images on the server side by using a third-party library.

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