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SizeMember - String

CategoryMember - String

ColorMember - String

VisibleInLegendMember - String

MinSize - Nullable

MaxSize - Nullable

NegativeValues - ChartNegativeValueSettings

Gets or sets the negative value bubbles color.

Border - ChartElementBorder

Gets or sets the opacity of the border.

ErrorBars - ScatterErrorBars

Gets or sets the error bars X value.

XMember - String

YMember - String

NoteTextMember - String

XAxis - String

YAxis - String

Labels - ChartPointLabels

Gets or sets the label position.

Markers - ChartMarkers

Gets or sets the markers size.

Data - IEnumerable

Name - String

Opacity - Nullable

Color - String

ColorHandler - ClientHandlerDescriptor

A Razor template delegate.

AggregateHandler - ClientHandlerDescriptor

A Razor template delegate.

Tooltip - ChartTooltip

Specifies if the Chart should display a single tooltip for each category.

Axis - String

CategoryAxis - String

GroupNameTemplate - String

Highlight - ChartSeriesHighlight

Gets or sets the highlight opacity

Visible - Nullable

VisibleInLegend - Nullable

Notes - ChartNote

Defines the width of the line.

ZIndex - Nullable

Median - ChartSeriesMedian

The color of the median visual. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

Mean - ChartSeriesMean

The color of the mean visual. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

Whiskers - ChartSeriesWhiskersSettings

The color of the whiskers.



Creates a new ChartBubbleSeriesSerializer.


The ChartBubbleSeriesSerializer instance.

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