Chrome Extensions Disabled

From Chrome version 35 and above due to security reasons, extensions can be installed only if they are hosted on the Chrome Web Store. With this change, extensions that were previously installed (ex. Test Studio Extensions) may be automatically disabled, and cannot be re-enabled or re-installed until they are hosted on the Chrome Web Store.

For your convenience we are providing you the download links for the latest Chrome extensions below:

Progress Test Studio Chrome Recorder

Progress Test Studio Chrome Execution

Telerik Test Studio Chrome Explore

You can also proceed with searching the extensions manually as described below:

Get more ext

Delete the extensions that are disabled and proceed by installing the new ones. You can either use the Get more extensions link as shown in the screenshot above or visit the Chrome Web Store.

Make sure the Extensions node is selected. Type Progress Test Studio in the search bar and hit Enter.


The displayed extensions called Progress Test Studio are the latest Chrome extensions (highlighted). You can proceed installing them by clicking the Add To Chrome button.

Add Extensions

You will get Confirm New Extension window. Click Add Extension button.


Once all latest extensions are added to the Chrome you will get the screen below:


You can go to chrome://extensions/ in order to verify the extensions are added and enabled:


Note: If you are using Test Studio 2014.1 or earlier the respective extensions could be found in the Store.

Telerik Extensions