Open Git Project

1.  Launch Test Studio and click the Open button in the Source Control ribbon.


2.  The Source Control Type dialog appears. Select Git, fill in the appropriate information, click Connect and OK.

Connect to TFS

3.  Select a folder where the project will be cloned.


4.  You can now select a test and click Commit, Push and Pull buttons in the Source Control ribbon.

Checkin Checkout

  • Commit changes to Git - commit the changes to your local repository.
  • Push to Git - push the changes to the remote repository.
  • Pull from Git - get the latest changes from the remote repository.

The project view displays the source control status of individual tests.

Individual Tests

  • Plus appears next to newly created items (part of a source controlled project) that are not added to the source control yet.
  • Lockappears next to checked in tests.
  • Checkappears next to checked out tests.
  • Remotelyappears next to tests which are in conflict.

Note: The file changes should be always saved in order to get the modified status.

In general, Test Studio does not check out a project from source control when the project opens. However, if one or more project files are out of date (for example, they were created by an older version of Test Studio), Test Studio will attempt to check them out for an update. This will continue until an up-to-date version of the files are checked into source control.