Create a Scheduling Server

The scheduling server keeps track of what tests to run and sends this data to the execution servers. You can also review our Telerik TV episode on Creating a Scheduling Server for a video walk-through of this process.

Before proceeding, there are a few things to confirm regarding the computer you will be using as the Scheduling Server:

  • The software must be run from a Windows Administrator account.
  • User Account Control (UAC: Windows Vista and 7 only) must be turned off completely (set to Never notify).
  • The Scheduling Server requires a Test Studio Runtime installation or higher.

If you do not meet the above requirements, the software will not launch or will quit immediately.

Configuring a Scheduling Server for remote execution requires that you install the Storage Service on a machine you can access from the Scheduling Server. If the Scheduling Server has a Standalone installation, enable the Scheduling Component.

1.  Click Start > All Programs > Telerik > Test Execution 20XX.X > Configure as Scheduling Server.

Configure as Scheduling

2.  Enter the address of the Storage Service for the Scheduling Server to use and click Connect.


After you connect to the Storage Service, the Configure Scheduling Server dialog will display the URL for the Scheduling Service, which you can use to register test execution servers. You may wish to copy this URL for your records.

Service URL

Optionally, you may configure an SMTP server that your Scheduling Service can use to send notification emails.