Telerik Reporting R2 2016

How to: Add report viewer to a Windows Forms' Form

The quickest way to add a Windows Form Report Viewer to your Windows Form project is with the Telerik Report Viewer Form item template.

Telerik Report Viewer Form Item Template

The item template is available in the Add New Item dialog box under the Windows Form category.

This item template will do the following:

  • Build the project and check that the project is using a compatible .NET version.

  • Open the Add New Report Viewer dialog to choose a report definition for the report viewer.

  • If missing add the Telerik Reporting references (Telerik.Reporting, Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms, Telerik.Reporting.XpsRendering).

  • Add a Form with Windows Form Report Viewer.

  • Show a summary log that list all of the made changes.

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