Progress® Telerik® Reporting R2 2017


This article discusses basic steps for creating a report and showing it in a viewer.

Creating Reports

To create a report, you create a report definition file by using the existing Report Designers. The report definition can include a variety of report items and datasource components. For more information check the Designing Reports articles.

We provide two Report Designers options for report authoring. To select the most appropriate option for your project see: Report Designers article.

Once the report definition is ready and the report looks the way you want, you can show it in a report viewer for Web (Mobile) or Desktop environment. For more information on the available options to expose your reports see: Using Telerik Reporting in Applications.

To get started with your first report continue with the topics in this section.

General Information

When you design a report, you always start from an empty Telerik.Reporting.Report object. Report Designers add sections and items on your command, resulting in a template that can be further processed by the Reporting engine. Report Designers provide design-time preview in both Interactive and Print previews, allowing you to verify the designed template and how it will look with data.

Report Designers allow you to create reports:

  • In Visual Studio - the result is a class inheriting Telerik.Reporting.Report;

  • Without Visual Studio, through the Standalone Report Designer - the result is a TRDX|TRDP file containing a Telerik.Reporting.Report object serialized in plain|compressed XML;

In case reports are not modified manually, the Visual Studio Report Designers will be able to import reports created in the Standalone Report Designer, and vice versa.

Our recommendation is to create a separate ClassLibrary project to hold your reports designed in Visual Studio, which will ease their maintenance and usage in different projects. The available Visual Studio Project templates and wizard will guide you in the process of creating reports and adding Report Viewers. You can search for them in the Reporting category of VS templates. Report Wizards and dialogs are shared between Report Designers.