Available for: Windows 8.1

Getting Started

How to create a basic RadRangeSlider

This quick start tutorial will help you setup and add a RadRangeSlider control to an application.

  1. First you have to add a reference to the Telerik UI for Windows Universal extension SDK or to the binaries. If you choose to add binaries, you will need the following references:

  • Telerik.Core
  • Telerik.UI.Xaml.Primitives
  • Telerik.UI.Xaml.Input
  • Add the following namespace in the MainPage.xaml:

  1. Define a RadRangeSlider in XAML:

    <telerikInput:RadRangeSlider Width="300" TickFrequency="10" SelectionStart="40" SelectionEnd="90"/>

The result is:

Rad Range Slider-Getting Started

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