Available for: Windows 8.1

Data Source


The ShapefileDataSource class is used by the Source of the MapShapeLayer and it specifies how the layer will retireve the data from the shape files. It exposes the following properties:

  • SourceUri (Uri): Gets or sets the Uri that points to the file to read data from.
  • DataSourceUri (Uri): Gets or sets the Uri that points to the file, containing the data (attributes) for each shape within the shape file.
  • SourceUriString (string): Gets or sets the string representation of the SourceUri value. Primarily used to enable declarative Uri definition.
  • DataSourceUriString (string): Gets or sets the string representation of the DataSourceUri value. Primarily used to enable declarative Uri definition.
  • Shapes (MapShapeModelCollection): Gets the collection of IMapShape instances that represents the final result of the file processing.
  • AttributesToLoad (string): Gets or sets the comma-delimited attributes to load from the specified in the DataSourceUri file. Useful when the data file contains large amount of attributes and only a small subset of them is required.
  • AttributeValueConverter (IAttributeValueConverter): Gets or sets the IAttributeValueConverter implementation that allows the user to change the attribute type (e.g. from String to DateTime) or the attribute value explicitly.
  • CoordinateValueConverter (ICoordinateValueConverter): Gets or sets the ICoordinateValueConverter implementation that allows the Location value of each processed shape to be modified externally when the user is trying to visualize an ESRI shapefile that uses projection different from Mercator; in order RadMap to visualize the content properly, one must implement coordinate converter that transforms the Location values from the other projection to Mercator projection.
  • Encoding (Encoding): Gets or sets the encoding of the file to read.
  • TransportResolver (ITransportResolver): Gets or sets the current ITransportResolver implementation. Defaults to a LocalTransportResolver instance.

By default the datasource handles only ms-appx and ms-appdata Uri schemes for the SourceUri / DataSourceUri values (through its LocalTransportResolver implementation); if one needs to load the shp/dbf files in a different manner (e.g. download the files from internet location and cache them locally on a two-weekly basis), one needs to implement custom ITransportResolver.

Here is an example of how to define a ShapefileDataSource instance as a StaticResource.


Now you can use it as a Source of a MapShapeLayer.

        <telerikMap:MapShapeLayer Source="{StaticResource dataSource}"/>

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