Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1

Visual Structure

Here are described all the visual elements and terms used in a RadImageEditor control.

Visual Structure

Basic View

  • Revert to Original Button: Reverts all changes applied to the image.
  • Save Image Button: Pressing this button results in an event/command where the user has access to the edited image as a InMemoryRandomAccessStream.
  • Groups: A collection of all groups. Each group contains a collection of tools.

Tools View

  • Discard Changes Button: Discards all changes that are made with the tools in the current group.
  • Apply Changes Button: Applies the changes made with tools in the current group.
  • Compare Button: Compares the current image with the state of the image before any changes applied with the tools in the current group.
  • Tools: A collection of all tools in the current group.
  • Tool UI: The UI of the selected tool.
  • Tool Tooltip: Shows information related to the current tool.
  • Tool Layer