Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1


The RadImageEditor exposes the following properties:

  • Commands (CommandCollection): Collection that contains user defined commands associated with the RqadImageEditor.
  • CommandService (CommandService): Used to execute commands from the Commands collection with specific id.

    imageEditor.CommandService.ExecuteCommand(CommandId.Saving, parameter);
  • DisplayOriginalImage (bool): Specifies whether the compare button will be added to the tools view.
  • FileNamePrefix (string): Gets or sets the prefix that will be added to the saved image file name.
  • HandleBackButton (bool): For Windows Phone - specifies whether back button press will navigate from the tools view to the groups view.
  • IndicatorStyle (Style): Gets or sets the style of the busy indicator that is displayed while an image effect is being applied. The target type of the style should be RadBusyIndicator.
  • LayerSelector (ImageEditorLayerSelector): Provides instance of ImageEditorLayer for each tool.
  • ManipulationInputProcessor (ManipulationInputProcessor): Manipulation processor that contains information about any transformation that has been applied to the image through user gestures.
  • ModifiedImage (ImageSource): Gets or sets the source of the modified image.
  • SelectedGroup (object): Gets or sets the currently selected group.
  • Source (StorageFile): Gets or sets the source file of the image.
  • StatusMessage (string):
  • ToolFactory (ImageEditorToolFactory): Provides a template for the UI of each tool.
  • ToolGroups (ObservableCollection): Gets a collection of all tool groups added to the image editor.
  • ToolsPosition (ImageEditorToolsPosition): Specifies the position of the tools. { Bottom, Top }