Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1

Text Filter Descriptor

TextFilterDescriptor is a descriptor which filters by property of System.String data type.


  • PropertyName: Gets or sets the name of the property that is used to retrieve the value to filter by.
  • Operator: Gets or sets the TextOperator value that defines how the Value member is compared with each value from the items source.
  • Value: Gets or sets the value used in the comparisons. This is the right operand of the comparison.
  • IsCaseSensitive: Gets or sets a value that determines whether the text comparisons will be case-sensitive. Default value is true.

To use TextFilterDescriptor you need to add its instance to the RadDataGrid.FilterDescriptors collection and to set its PropertyName property to associate it with the property from your ViewModel. Then through the Operator and Value properties you need to set the filter condition and the value to compare. You can also take advantage of the IsCaseSensitive property to determine if the text comparisons will be case-sensitive or not.

Now, we will show a simple example where we will filter by the Country property and the condition will be our objects to start with "BR" (case-insensitive):

<telerikGrid:RadDataGrid Width="300" VerticalAlignment="Center" x:Name="grid"> 
        <telerikGrid:TextFilterDescriptor PropertyName="Country"

Here we create sample data and set it as ItemsSource of our DataGrid:

List<CustomData> data = new List<CustomData>
    new CustomData { Country = "Brazil", City = "Caxias do Sul" },
    new CustomData { Country = "Brazil", City = "Fortaleza" },
    new CustomData { Country = "Spain", City = "Malaga" },
    new CustomData { Country = "Bulgaria", City = "Koynare" },
    new CustomData { Country = "Spain", City = "Valencia" },
    new CustomData { Country = "Ghana", City = "Kade" },
    new CustomData { Country = "Brazil", City = "Porto Alegre" },
    new CustomData { Country = "Bulgaria", City = "Byala Slatina" },
    new CustomData { Country = "Brazil", City = "Joinville" },
this.grid.ItemsSource = data;

Where CustomData class defines our objects:

public class CustomData
    public string Country { get; set; }

    public string City { get; set; }

The first picture shows our RadDataGrid before passing the filter and the second after filtering:

TextFilterDescriptor example