Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1


RadDataGrid provides built-in filtering functionality, that allows the user to easily filter data by one or more columns - Filtering UI. Everything that can be achieved by the end user through the UI can also be done by using the code-behind API.

Programatic Filtering

RadDataGrid also allows programmatic approach for filtering. This can be achieved through RadDataGrid. FilterDescriptors property by adding FilterDescriptors.

RadDataGrid provides the following way of filtering:

Filtering UI

The built-in Filtering UI allows the user to easily filter data by column values. The filtering functionality will be enabled out-of-the-box for most .NET primitive types such as strings, numeric types, DateTimes and so on.

You can use the UserFilterMode property of RadGridView to enable/disable the filtering UI. To enable/disable the filtering of a specific column you can use the CanUserFilter property of the column.

There are two filter modes that depend on the value of the RadDataGrid.ColumnDataOperationsDisplayMode property.

  • Inline Filter UI: The ColumnDataOperationsDisplayMode is set to Inline. The Filter UI is integrated in the column header.
  • Flyout Filter UI: The ColumnDataOperationsDisplayMode is set to Flyout. The Filter UI is displayed with slide animation from the top of the grid.

Filter UI modes

Functionality Overview

The default functonality of the FilteringFlyout UI will be discussed here. It consists of the following elements:

  • FirstFilterControl: by default filter controls consist of:

    • Value
    • FilteringOperator

    See how to curtomize the control in this topic.

  • SecondFilterControl: it can be enabled/disabled using the ExpandCollapseButton.
  • LogicalOperator: when the SecondFilterControl is enabled this operator defines the logic applied between the filter controls.
  • FilterButton: applies the filtering options to the grid.
  • ExpandCollapseButton: enables/disables the SecondFilterControl.
  • ClearFilterButton: removes all filtering options of the FilteringFlyout control.

FilteringUI-First Look And Filtering Options