Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1

Generating Editors

For each property the RadDataForm an EntityProperty object which is vizualized through the EntityPropertyControl which contains of Label and Editor. RadDataForm has predefined Editors for the following types by default:

  • string : StringEditor
  • double : NumericEditor
  • enum : EnumEditor
  • DateTime : DateEditor, TimeEditor

The developer can register Custom Editors or Views(for read-only properties) for a Type of specific Property through the following API:

  • public void RegisterTypeEditor(Type propertyType, Type editorType)

  • public void RegisterPropertyEditor(string propertyName, Type editorType)

  • public void RegisterTypeView(Type propertyType, Type viewType)

  • public void RegisterPropertyView(string propertyName, Type viewType)

  • public void UnRegisterTypeEditor(Type propertyType = null)

  • public void UnRegisterPropertyEditor(string propertyName = null)

  • public void UnRegisterTypeView(Type propertyType = null)

  • public void UnRegisterPropertyView(string propertyName = null)


 this.form.RegisterTypeEditor(typeof(List<string>), typeof(ListEditor));

Where the ListEditor implements the ITypeEditor interface.