Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1

Telerik Named Brushes

Here are listed all Telerik named brushes that define the appearance of the RadCalendar control. To see how to use them, first you have to read this section: Telerik Named Brushes

All resources are of type SolidColorBrush.


Brushes that affect the RadCalendar control are shown in the following list. The brush names should be set as x:Key property of the SolidColorBrush, and the changes are shown with Green on the images.


  • TelerikCalendarGridLinesBrush
    Telerik Calendar Grid Lines Brush
  • TelerikCalendarDayNamesForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Day Names Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarNormalCellForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Normal Cell Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarAnotherViewCellForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Another View Cell Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarBlackoutCellForegroundBrush!
    Telerik Calendar Blackout Cell Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarBlackoutCellBackgroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Blackout Cell Background Brush


  • TelerikCalendarSelectedCellForegroundBrush!
    Telerik Calendar Selected Cell Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarSelectedCellBackgroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Selected Cell Background Brush
  • TelerikCalendarSelectedCellBorderBrush
    Telerik Calendar Selected Cell Border Brush
  • TelerikCalendarHighlightedCellBorderBrush
    Telerik Calendar Highlighted Cell Border Brush
  • TelerikCalendarPointerOverBackgroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Pointer Over Background Brush
  • TelerikCalendarPointerOverBorderBrush
    Telerik Calendar Pointer Over Border Brush
  • TelerikCalendarCurrentCellBorderBrush
    Telerik Calendar Current Cell Border Brush
  • TelerikCalendarNavigationControlBackgroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Navigation Control Background Brush
  • TelerikCalendarPreviousNextButtonForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Previous Next Button Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarPreviousNextButtonDisabledForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Previous Next Button Disabled Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarPreviousNextButtonPointerOverForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Previous Next Button Pointer Over Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarPreviousNextButtonPointerPressedForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Previous Next Button Pointer Over Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarHeaderButtonForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Header Button Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarHeaderButtonDisabledForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Header Button Disabled Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarHeaderButtonPointerPressedForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Header Button Pointer Over Foreground Brush
  • TelerikCalendarHeaderButtonPointerOverForegroundBrush
    Telerik Calendar Header Button Pointer Over Foreground Brush