Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1



When the DisplayMode of the RadCalendar control is set to MonthView, the user can make selection of cells. To enable selection, the SelectionMode property of the calendar should be set to Single or Multiple.

  • In Single selection mode only one cell could be selected at a time.
  • In Multiple selection mode multiple cells/cell ranges could be selected.
  • In None selection mode the selection is disabled.

Making Selection

Single cell is selected by clicking/tapping on it. If the cell is focused, then hitting the ENTER button will select it.

In Multiple selection mode you have to click/hold on the cell where the selection starts and drag to the end cell you want to be selected. This way you may add as many selections as you want to the current selectoin. When you hold on a cell in touch mode you will see an indicator, showing when you are ready to drag, see the image below:

Calendar-Hold Indicator


  • SelectedDateRange (CalendarDateRange?): Gets or sets the first date range in the current selection or returns null if the selection is empty. Setting this property in a calendar that supports multiple selections clears existing selected ranges and sets the selection to the range specified.

  • SelectedDateRanges (CalendarDateRangeCollection): Holds a collection of all selection ranges.


  • SelectionChanged (event): Raised when the selection of the calendar is changed.