Skinned Hand Prefab

To render the virtual hands in your XR application, you can use the Skinned Hand prefab. Its TrackingHandSkinDriver component implements an IXRRigNode interface allowing it to render the hand pose in a cross-platform manner depending only on the parent XR Rig structure and not on any vendor-specific input information.

Setting Up

To show the skinned hands, you can either use the XR Interactions Rig prefab that already includes them or, if you are building a custom XR Rig hierarchy, you can drag and drop a Skinned Hand Left and a Skinned Hand Right prefab instances as children of your XR Rig root node. To specify which hand will be rendered, these prefabs are using the following values:

  • The Hand Input value of the TrackingHandSkinDriver component is set to Left or Right (corresponding to the chosen hand).
  • The Hand value of the HandSkin component is always be set to Left(for both left and right hands).


To render the hand, Telerik XR Interactions provides a custom hand model. This model is rendered by default by the Ghost Hand material which uses a custom Telerik shader. This shader currently supports only Unity's built-in render pipeline. If your application uses a different render pipeline, you will have to change the material of the HandModel node.

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