Oculus Hand Tracking Prefab

To enable the hand tracking support for Oculus Quest devices, you can drag and drop the Oculus Hand Tracking prefab as a child of the XR Rig root. This prefab is responsible for reading the fingers state and applying these values to the corresponding XR Rig Tracking Space nodes. This way your code for implementing the hand gestures may be implemented on top of the XR Rig hierarchy making it cross-platform and independent from the Oculus input.


Having purchased the Telerik XR Interactions package, you are not required to download any vendor-specific assets from the Unity Asset Store. This said you are NOT REQUIRED to download the Oculus Integration. To successfully build and deploy the app to Oculus Quest:

  1. In your project's Assets folder, add the android manifest file that should be positioned within the following subfolder hierarchy: Plugins/Android/AndroidManifest.xml.

  2. In the manifest file, add the uses-permission tag with the com.oculus.permission.HAND_TRACKING value, and then add the uses-feature tag with the oculus.software.handtracking value and the required attribute set to false. For more information, see the related Oculus documentation article.

  3. Build the application with an activated Oculus XR plugin, which you can install from the XR Plug-in Management section in the Unity Project Settings.

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