Controller Layout Prefab

Usually, when an XR application is developed for interactions with a device controller, there is a requirement to show the user the actions that are assigned to specific buttons. For this purpose, Telerik XR Interactions provides a Controller Layout prefab that overlays tooltips on the controller buttons.

Setting Up the Prefab within the XR Rig Hierarchy

To setup this prefab in your scene:

  1. Drag and drop the Controller Layout prefab as a direct child to the XR Rig root node.

  2. Edit the TrackedDevice component on the root level by choosing the tracked device (for instance, choose Left Hand).

  3. Edit the Enabled For value of the TrackedDevice component and specify whether the prefab game object will be active only when working with controllers or also when in hand tracking mode.

  4. Find the Text leaf nodes for each of the layout buttons and edit their corresponding text value to match the actions in your XR application.

Customizing the Layout

The default layout of the buttons corresponds to the Oculus Quest controller. If you need a different layout that you can hide, create or reposition the button tooltips. You may also adjust the tooltip lines by editing the Curve Properties section in the ControllerInputLabel component, knowing that the four line points are actually the control points of a Cubic Bezier Curve.

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