Unity Input Prefab

The Telerik XR Core package provides cross-platform input handling with its Unity Input prefab. This prefabs logic is based on Unity XR Input, and it is responsible for updating the head and hands position in space.

UnityHeadDevice Class

To adjust the head position and rotation, the UnityHeadDevice component is attached to a child node of the Unity Input prefab. This component implements the IXRRigNode interface and updates the Tracking Space head property.

UnityHandDevice Class

Two instances of this class are attached as components to a child node of the Unity Input prefab—one for the left hand and one for the right hand. Each of these components is responsible for updating the following information about the corresponding hand:

  • Hand position and rotation.
  • Hand tracking type.
  • Controller buttons states.

As the Unity XR Input currently does not provide hand tracking information related to finger positions, this default input does not update the fingers. If you need to handle hand tracking, you will need some vendor-specific input handling that updates the Tracking Space correspondingly. Such input for Oculus Quest, for example, is provided by the Oculus Hand Tracking prefab which is part of the Telerik XR Interactions package and may be purchased in Unity Asset Store.

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