ScriptEventType Enumeration

Progress Software Corporation - Testing Framework 2018.1 Automation Infrastructure
Type of script events that can be invoked on an html element.

Namespace:  ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core
Assembly:  ArtOfTest.WebAii (in ArtOfTest.WebAii.dll) Version: 2018.1.116.0 (2018.1.116.0)

public enum ScriptEventType

  Member nameValueDescription
OnLoad0 onload event.
OnUnload1 onunload event.
OnChange2 onchange event.
OnSubmit3 onsubmit event.
OnReset4 onreset event.
OnSelect5 onselect event.
OnBlur6 onblur event.
OnFocus7 onblur event.
OnKeyDown8 onkeydown event.
OnKeyPress9 onkeypress event.
OnKeyUp10 onkeyup event.
OnClick11 onclick event.
OnDblClick12 ondblclick event.
OnMouseDown13 onmousedown event.
OnMouseMove14 onmousemove event.
OnMouseOut15 onmouseout event.
OnMouseOver16 onmouseover event.
OnMouseUp17 onmouseup event.
OnInput18 oninput event.
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