ArtOfTest.WebAii.Win32.Dialogs Namespace

Progress Software Corporation - Testing Framework 2018.1 Automation Infrastructure
Namespace for all of the WebAii native Win32 dialog handlers.

Public classAlertDialog
Class to handle javascript alert dialogs.
Public classBaseDialog
A base implementation for a dialog.
Public classBaseDialogMatch
Public classConfirmDialog
Class to handle javascript confirm dialogs.
Public classDialogBatch
A group of dialogs to be monitored together.
Public classDialogMonitor
Class implementation for a dialog monitor to handle dialogs during execution.
Public classDownloadDialogsHandler
The download dialogs handler. Wraps all the download dialog sequences for IE/Firefox into a simple API call.
Public classDownloadNotificationBar
Public classFFOpenDownloadDialog
Firefox OpenDialog.
Public classFileUploadDialog
Class to handle the FileUpload dialog.
Public classGenericDialog
A generic dialog handler that can be used for quick and easy way to write a dialog handler for a simply dialog.
Public classIE9DownloadCompleteNotificationBar
Public classIE9DownloadNotificationBar
Public classIEDownloadCompleteDialog
The IE download complete dialog.
Public classIEDownloadDialog
IE's initial download dialog.
Public classIEStrings
Public classLogonDialog
Class to handle the logon dialog (username/password)
Public classOnBeforeUnloadDialog
Class to handle javascript onbeforeunload Confirm Navigation dialogs.
Public classOpenFileDialog
Public classPromptDialog
Public classSafariDownloadDialog
Handles all the unique file download dialogs that appear under the Safari browser.
Public classSaveAsDialog
SaveAs Dialog handler.

Public interfaceIDialog
Interface to implement for dialogs to be monitored and handled by the DialogMonitor object.

Public delegateDialogHandlerDelegate
A dialog handler that allows for users to do their own handling of a dialog instead of calling Handle().

Public enumerationDialogButton
Possible buttons for to click for a dialog
Public enumerationDialogCurrentState
Different states the dialog can be set to.