ArtOfTest.WebAii.Silverlight Namespace

Progress Software Corporation - Testing Framework 2018.1 Automation Infrastructure
Namespace for the core Silverlight features and functionality of the framework.

Public classApplicationNotReadyException
This exception is used to signal that an operation was attempted against a Silverlight app that is not yet or no longer accessible through the DOM.
Public classAutomationMethod
Represents a method on an AutomationObject
Public classAutomationObjectT
Represents an object that can be automated inside a Silverlight/WPF App.
Public classAutomationProperty
Represents a property on an AutomationObject.
Public classAutomationReference
Represents an automation object reference that can point to a UIElement, a property or a method.
Public classExecuteSilverlightCommandException
Holds information about a SilverlightCommandException
Public classFrameworkElement
The base FrameworkElement that represents any visual element in the Silverlight application.
Public classGlobalInfo
Global constants used throughout Silverlight.
Public classItemCollection
This class wraps the collection of items contained in a listbox.
Public classNoSuchPropertyException
The exception that is thrown when the specified property does not exist on a Silverlight element.
Public classObjectSerializer
Static class used to serialize/deserialize JSON objects to .NET objects.
Public classSelectedDatesCollection
Holds a colleciton of selected dates for a Silverlight Calendar control.
Public classSilverlightApp
Class that represents a Silverlight Application hosted in a browser.
Public classSilverlightAppContent
Represents the access point to the content of the Silverlight App as described here: Note: Currently all properties are Read-Only.
Public classSilverlightAppFinder
A static class used to obtain a list of all Silverlight Applications on a specific page
Public classSilverlightAppSettings
Represents a settings object as described here: Note: Currently all properties are Read-Only.
Public classSilverlightAppsList
A collection of silverlight applications.
Public classSilverlightCommand
For internal use only. Holds a command to be processed by the Silverlight client.
Public classSilverlightProxy
For internal use only.
Public classSilverlightResponse
For internal use only. Holds the response returned by the client processor after processing a Silverlight command.
Public classUserInteraction
Public classUserInteractionHelper
Collection of methods to assist the UserInteraction class.
Public classVisualFind
VisualFind is used to search the Visual Tree of the Silverlight Application. It provides a rich set of API to do rich search.
Public classVisualFindInfo
Class used to encapsulate information on how a visual element should be found in the VisualTree
Public classVisualTree
The VisualTree for this Silverlight application
Public classVisualTreeUnavailableException
The VisualTreeUnavailableException is thrown when a system error occurs trying to connect to the Silverlight application.
Public classVisualWait
Provide wait functionality for Silverlight elements.
Public classXamlFindClause
Holds a single clause as part of a Silverlight element FindExpression.
Public classXamlFindExpression
Holds a Silverlight element FindExpression.

Public interfaceIApplication
Use the IApplication interface to manage a wrapped Silverlight application.
Public interfaceIAutomationPeer
Implemented by automation objects that have a Silverlight/WPF object peer.
Public interfaceIClientProcessor
This process is implemented by the Silverlight client
Public interfaceICommunicationProxy
Interface for communication across application boundaries.
Public interfaceIPeerConverter
Interface to help manage converting to/from real object.

Public enumerationAutomationHostType
The type of host application being automated.
Public enumerationFindStrategy
The FindStrategy to use when finding or waiting on elements in the VisualTree.
Public enumerationResponseStatus
Silverlight response status's.
Public enumerationSilverlightCommandType
Sliverlight command types.
Public enumerationXamlSearchType
Different types of supported find expressions.