ArtOfTest.WebAii.ObjectModel Namespace

Progress Software Corporation - Testing Framework 2018.1 Automation Infrastructure
Namespace for the object model of the framwork.

Public classCookiesManager
Class representing all cookie operations on the current browser machine.
Public classElement
Represents an element in the Document Object Model (DOM) tree.
Public classFindExpressionCollectionT
Class to manage a collection of FindParam objects.
Public classFindParam Obsolete.
A class that defines how a search for an element should be conducted within a document.
Public classFindParamCollection Obsolete.
Class to manage a collection of FindParam objects.
Public classFindParamConstraint Obsolete.
Offers addition contraints for a FindParam to allow for a more flexible use in HtmlControls
Public classFindParamExtension
Class to extend the legacy FindParam class. Adds the ability to convert any legacy FindParam into a HtmlFindExpression.
Public classHtmlTreeBuilder
Public classiAttribute
This class represents a markup attribute (foo="bar"). The iAttribute object contains a starting 'i' to distinguish it from System.Attribute.
Public classTestRegion
Class representing a TestRegion Object defined in the document as: <testregion id="foo"> ... </testregion> or <!--testregion id="foo"--> ... <!--/testregion>
Public classTestRegionCollection
A keyed TestRegion collection.

Public enumerationAttributeType
Type of attributes parsed.
Public enumerationElementState
Possible element states
Public enumerationElementType
The element type of an element within the Dom.
Public enumerationFindContentType
Types of identification of type=Content
Public enumerationFindType
Types of identification supported by the framework.
Public enumerationInputElementType
The types of input for an ElementType=Input.
Public enumerationQuote
Types of quotes parsed.