ArtOfTest.WebAii.Controls.HtmlControls Namespace

Progress Software Corporation - Testing Framework 2018.1 Automation Infrastructure
Namespace for all the HTML element wrapper controls.

Public classHtmlAnchor
Test class for an HtmlAnchor element <a href="...">...</a>
Public classHtmlAudio
Wrapper class for a audio element <audio>...</audio>
Public classHtmlButton
Test class for an HtmlButton element <button >...</button>
Public classHtmlCanvas
Test class for an HtmlCanvas element <canvas>...</canvas>
Public classHtmlContainerControl
Base class for all container controls. Controls that are allowed to contain other Html elements.
Public classHtmlControl
Base class for all HtmlControl's.
Public classHtmlControlsAssertExtensions
Assert extensions for the HtmlControl class.
Public classHtmlDefinitionDescription
Test class for an HtmlDefinitionDescription element <dd /> . This control is used by the HtmlDefinitionList control
Public classHtmlDefinitionList
Test class for an HtmlDefinitionList element <dl /> .
Public classHtmlDefinitionTerm
Test class for an HtmlDefinitionTerm element <dt /> . This control is used by the HtmlDefinitionList control
Public classHtmlDetails
Test class for an HtmlDetails element <details>...</details>
Public classHtmlDiv
Test class for an HtmlDiv element <div>...</div>
Public classHtmlFind
Extends the generic Find methods to include HTML specific find objects.
Public classHtmlForm
Test class for an HtmlForm element <form >...</form>
Public classHtmlImage
Test class for an HtmlImage element <img src="..." />
Public classHtmlInputButton
Test class for an HtmlInputButton element <input type="button" />
Public classHtmlInputCheckBox
Test class for an HtmlInputCheckBox element <input type="checkbox" />
Public classHtmlInputCheckBoxExtensions
Assert extensions for the HtmlInputCheckBox class.
Public classHtmlInputControl
Base class for all input controls
Public classHtmlInputEmail
Public classHtmlInputFile
Test class for an HtmlInputFile element <input type="file" />
Public classHtmlInputHidden
Test class for an HtmlInputHidden element <input type="hidden" />
Public classHtmlInputImage
Test class for an HtmlInputImage element <input type="image" />
Public classHtmlInputNumber
Public classHtmlInputPassword
Test class for an HtmlInputPassword element <input type="password" />
Public classHtmlInputRadioButton
Test class for an HtmlInputRadioButton element <input type="radio" />
Public classHtmlInputRadioButtonExtensions
Assert extensions for the HtmlInputRadioButton class.
Public classHtmlInputRange
Public classHtmlInputReset
Test class for an HtmlInputImage element <input type="reset" />
Public classHtmlInputSearch
Public classHtmlInputSubmit
Test class for an HtmlInputImage element <input type="reset" />
Public classHtmlInputText
Test class for an HtmlInputImage element <input type="text" />
Public classHtmlInputUrl
Public classHtmlListItem
Test class for an HtmlListItem element <li /> . This control is used by the HtmlOrdererList control and the HtmlUnorderedList controls.
Public classHtmlMeter
Test class for an HtmlMeter element <meter>...</meter>
Public classHtmlOption
Test class for an HtmlOption element <option ... />
Public classHtmlOrderedList
Test class for an HtmlOrderedList element <ol /> .
Public classHtmlProgress
Test class for an HtmlProgress element <progress>...</progress>
Public classHtmlRadioCheckboxControl
Public classHtmlSelect
Test class for an HtmlSelect element <select>...</select>
Public classHtmlSelectAssertExtensions
Assert extensions for the HtmlSelect class.
Public classHtmlSource
Wrapper class for a source element <source ... />
Public classHtmlSpan
Test class for an HtmlSpan element <span>...</span>
Public classHtmlStyle
Represents a single HtmlStyle. This object can be used to help probe and do validation against Html styles. Has functionality to convert unit styles to int values and color styles to System.Drawing.Color.
Public classHtmlTable
Test class for an HtmlTable element <table>...</table>
Public classHtmlTableAssertExtensions
Assert extensions for the HtmlTable class.
Public classHtmlTableCell
Test class for an HtmlTableCell element <td>...</td>
Public classHtmlTableRow
Test class for an HtmlTableRow element <tr>...</tr>
Public classHtmlTextArea
Test class for an HtmlAnchor element <textarea>...</textarea>
Public classHtmlTime
Test class for an HtmlTime element <time>...</time>
Public classHtmlUnorderedList
Test class for an HtmlOrderedList element <ul /> .
Public classHtmlVideo
Wrapper class for a video element <video>...</video>
Public classHtmlWait
Extends the Wait object for specific HtmlWait scenarios.
Public classHtmlWaitExtensions
Class to extend the legacy HtmlWait. Adds ForSelectedIndex and ForSelectedValue methods.

Public enumerationDownloadOption
Download options for a download from an html page.
Public enumerationHtmlMediaError